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CR Chart

Alex Furest
( Original Character )

I'll tell you. I-I... I g-get scared sometimes, but you're one p-person I don't have ta b-be s-scared of.

( K )

I wanted to sleep with you but you're with your friends. So I thought if I had a Duo braid then I'd still have you in my dreams.

Trowa Barton
( Gundam Wing )

Then focus on change. Use what you have done to see that it doesn't happen again while remembering that tears and anger are because they care.

Jane Foster
( Marvel Cinematic Universe )

It's just that... You told me to be safe. What happened that got you into so much trouble?

Mochizuki Ryoji
( Persona 3 )

The truth is that I still consider you one of my closest friends around here, Duo. No matter what happened, I'd wish for things to stay the way they were between us.

Kiryu "Joshua" Yoshiya
( The World Ends With You )

You did. But that's only to be expected. Still, it's the thought that counts. Perhaps it was for the best. A fresh start and all that.

Rosalina Nurumi
( Original Character )

He probably doesn't even think that much about me. Just the upbeat weird-o that lives in the Temple and plays guitar too much.

Rip van Winkle
( Hellsing )

Zhey should take you out back und shoot you. Vat a vaste of flesh you are. A little mongrel zhat needs to feel a whip on zheir back.